Treatments for men

We provide non-intimate waxing, eyebrow threading, facials and pedicures for male clients.

Mens Waxing

The most common areas treated are back, chest and arms.

What does it cost?

Back from...25.00
Chest from...25.00
Half arms12.00
Eyebrow threading5.00

Does it hurt?

If you ask wives, girlfriends or female friends, a majority will probably tell you there's no need to make such a fuss! Your male friends will probably tell you exactly the opposite...

The truth, of course, lies somewhere between the two extremes. Different people have different susceptibility to pain. Most people find that waxing is only mildly painful and gets easier the more you have the treatment.

How long does it take?

Approximate treatment times are as follows...

Arms30 minutes
Back 30 minutes
Chest 30 minutes
Half arms30 minutes
Shoulders30 minutes
Underarms15 minutes
Manicure45 minutes
Pedicure60 minutes
Eyebrow threading15 minutes

How to book

Call us on 020 8907 2090

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